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Chance M.

It was an amazing experience to buy a house with Brandon at our side. Buying a house for the first time is Terrifying! You are vulnerable and you don’t know things and then you do not even know the questions to ask that will help you grasp everything that is going on. I was keenly aware that at any moment people could lie and I would have no way of knowing. The only thing I knew was that Brandon really was on my side. He would answer questions and try to walk us through things so we would have no surprises. He was honest even when he did not have to be…more than once. Mr. Hoda was not low-pressure or high-pressure…he was NO pressure but still was get-up-and-go. Never over-eager like a used car salesman. Brandon was always respectful of our budget. For a guy that makes commissions he loves to get a good deal! What I wanted was very specific and so he may not send us anything for a week, but I liked that because I knew that meant there was nothing that was a fit for me and what I wanted. Brandon will be our realtor again. He was like an answered prayer.

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